May 11, 2019

The SwiftCoin Club Franchise Opportunity

How does it work?

1. Download your SwiftCoin wallet. Ask us or anyone you know for a small airdrop.

2. Get more SwiftCoin into your wallet by spreading the word on social media and talking to your local money transfer businesses about this opportunity.  Do good and get paid in SwiftCoin!  

Contact us about collecting payment for your work promoting SwiftCoin.

3. Advertise your digital money transfer services and set your own terms, conditions, fees and exchange rate.

4. Start building relationships and making real money.

With a SwiftCoin franchise, you can send and receive money on your own terms.   Forget about banks wire transfers.  Everyday, millions of individuals convert digital currency, such as bitcoin, into local paper money.    The SwiftCoin Club does not centralize this process, it just brings people together the way Localbitcoins does.

The franchise owner (you) sets his own terms, conditions and fees. 

The SwiftCoin Club is also an ideal side business for actual money transfer businesses.  With SwiftCoin, there is no transfer of money anywhere. 

Instead, a ledger system of balances is credited and debited.

Any computer or smartphone can be a SwiftCoin teller's office.  Buy and sell any crypto-currency as you already do.

The SwiftCoin Club is a global network of tellers using the SwiftCoin app to provide liquidity and a common unit of exchange across thousands of altcoins and fiat currencies.

Tellers charge a fee of their own choice and set their own exchange rates, enabling them to adapt to local conditions on the fly.  Large and small transactions are very fast and practical to get done with ease.

Tellers set their own fees to send SwiftCoin to another Teller who then pays out the equivalent in local currency to the end receiver, minus a commission.. 

Ready to start?

1. Download your SwiftCoin wallet to Android, Windows or Linux.

2. Get some SwiftCoin to familiarize yourself with the wallet and practice sending SwiftCoin.

3. Promote SwiftCoin and get paid in SwiftCoin. 

4. Advertise and use social media to announce your money transfer service.

5. Collect commissions on every transaction you arrange.

Do I have to pay anything to start?

No, you don't have to buy anything from us, sign anything or pay us to get started with your franchise.  You don't need an account and you don't need to be approved.  This is an open source franchise.  If you want individualized support and advice, we can arrange a consulting fee.


Q. How much capital do I need to get started?

A. You don't need any capital to start this business.  Sweat equity can build your franchise.  If you do have capital to build your business, you will be ahead of those who don't.

Q. How Much is a SwiftCoin worth?

A. That depends on the market.  SwiftCoin has been stable around US$ 1.00 since 2011.

Q. How much do you guys charge for me to get started?

A. It's free.

Q.  How do I sign up and register?

A.  You don't need to register but if you want to partner with us, please do get in touch.

Q. Does it matter which country I live in?

A. No.

Q. Is the SwiftCoin Club legal?

A. Check with your local lawyers and accountants for tax and business advice.

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