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SwiftCoinClub offers potential partners a variety of venues to be part of SwiftCoinClub’s global Teller network and online merchant solutions. Working with SwiftCoinClub allows you to become part of the world’s first fully interoperable mobile wallet solution that enables SwiftCoinClub users to send, receive and spend digital cash anywhere in the world, in any currency, instantly.

We'll work closely with you in order to select and implement an effective partnership structure that will drive immediate value to you and your customers.

We’re interested in three types of partners:

If you’re a business in one of these three categories, read a bit more about what we’re looking for below and if you think you’re a good fit, feel free to reach out at: business[at]

If you’re an individual interested in helping your community access digital cash, please sign up to become a SwiftCoinClub Teller.

Partnership Opportunities

SwiftCoinClub Master Teller

SwiftCoinClub Master Tellers expand the reach of SwiftCoinClub across vast geographic regions and across multiple countries enabling SwiftCoinClub users to access your store fronts, mobile sales teams and distribution touch points to conduct deposits and withdrawals from their SwiftCoinClub Wallets. It's your business and you set your own fees. In addition to providing increasing revenue, benefits include promoting foot traffic and better cash management.

If you’re a business that has more than 100 distribution locations and you believe in the power of enabling the world’s 2 billion smartphone users to send and receive money and transact anywhere in the world, we want to hear from you.

SwiftCoinClub Pay for Online Merchants

SwiftCoinClub Pay is the world’s first multi-currency, near real-time settlement and zero charge-back payment acceptance solution that enables online merchants to accept payments from any country in the world and settle immediately in their own local fiat currency.

If you are interested in capturing your fair share of the $1.3 trillion cross-border eCommerce market, radically increasing your customer base by enabling domestic or overseas cash-based customers to purchase from you or simply reducing your cash-on-delivery expenses, we are certain you will be excited to learn more about SwiftCoinClub Pay.

SwiftCoinClub Exchange Partners

SwiftCoinClub exchange partners play a critical role in expanding the reach of SwiftCoinClub’s Teller Network and making it easier for individual SwiftCoinClub Tellers and users to gain additional liquidity options.

If you are a digital currency exchange, local payment provider, bank or other MSB and you are interested in expanding your revenue making opportunities we would love to hear from you.